Popeye Metaverse Madness
A glitch from the MAD:BOXX has caused POPEYE to split into multiple versions of himself! Journey with Popeye across different worlds to find and normalize himself!
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Cutting Edge Ducknology
Collaboration with renowned film director and VFX expert, Ben Hansford in launching an original content series starring B.Duck NFTs.
A sneak beak at Life Beyond the Bath Tub! Be a part of the Founding Feathers, B.Ducks are leaving the tub!.
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Virtual Genius
8,888 MADminds ready to be discovered
Eight of the greatest minds in history transformed in the Metaverse by MADworld.
Created by renowned comic artist Pat Lee, who has hand drawn each character’s unique features used to customize all NFT pieces and distinguish rarities.
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A Bathing Ape
Venturing into the Metaverse
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