Where Global CultureCreativity and BlockchainCollide into Web3
Our Vision
More Than A NFT Platform - MADworld is an exciting and innovative ecosystem which focuses its energies on providing value, security and provenance to Artists, Creators, Fans, Investors and Collectors.
Our Target Audience
Not satisfied on any single IP or Brand, MADworld seeks to connect Artists and Creators across different, yet complementary verticals with Fans, Investors and Collectors. The verticals that MADworld specialize in, are Anime, Extreme Sports, Fashion and Music. We have a fantastic, multi-year roadmap consisting of Digital Experiences, Games, Collabs and surprise IP and Brand partnerships that will energize and delight our supporters.
Connectedness, Culture and Community.
Any IP or Brand partner that enters the MADworld ecosystem needs to embrace our ethos of Connectedness, Culture and Community. This is critical in order to create unique Digital Experiences for Fans, Investors and Collectors to get excited about!
Extreme Sports
Team members
Robert Tran
Chief Executive Officer
Team members
Phil Tran
Chief Marketing Officer
Team members
Raymond Hung
Chief Product Officer
Team members
Comver Liang
Chief Technology Officer
Team members
Yat Siu
Animoca Brands
Team members
Arnold Concepcion
Animoca Brands
Team members
James Ho
Animoca Brands
Team members
Roberto Grande
Tier Zero agency
Team members
Motoki Tani
Investor / Capital Markets
The Future
As MADworld continues to grow and expand, we will build upon a robust, planned set of Experiences, Products, and Functionalities to support our mission of curating the best of Global Culture into Web3.
Just a sample of the potential, ground breaking NFT Experiences and Utilities that MADworld is working on:
  • Fan Judging via Live Streaming
  • Online / Offline Brand Engagement
  • “MADworld Metaverse”
  • Multi-Tiered Stacked Rewards
  • And many more!
Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I get MADworld’s NFTs & UMAD Token?
Where can I find more information about MADworld's upcoming events, projects, collabs and games?